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Capital Gains Tax or Income Tax… Same Difference?
Capital Gains Tax or Income Tax… Same Difference?
OLYMPIA, Wash.- Lawmakers in Washington are arguing that a proposed capital gains tax is not an income tax… but rather an excise tax, or tax on goods.   "Having talked with the IRS and every single revenue director in the country, there is not a single tax authority that says that taxing income is an excise tax," says Jason Mercier with the Washington Policy Center.   He add ... Read
Pasco Arts and Culture Commission Presents New Projects
PASCO, Wash.- Pasco's Arts and Culture Commission presented it's forthcoming projects to the city council on Monday night.   They plan to create a memorial to Noburu “Peanuts” Fukuda in Peanuts Park, revamp the the city's gateway and park signage, start a utility box wrap program similar to Kennewick and Richland, and add art to the Kurtzman Park Shelter.   Council Mem ...

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