WASHINGTON- April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and AAA Washington reminds everyone that the law against texting and driving includes doesn't stop when you're at a red light.

Researchers found that when drivers used their phone at a red light, they stayed distracted for up to 27 seconds. They call this a "hangover effect" of driving "intexticated."

AAA would like to remind everyone stay aware of your surroundings while you're driving and gave the following tips:

·       Put it away. Place your mobile device out of sight to prevent temptation. 

 ·       Know where you’re going. If using a navigation system, program the destination before driving. 

·       Pull over. If you must call or text while on the road, pull off the road safely and stop first.

 ·       Ask passengers for help. If riding with someone, seek their help to navigate, make a call or send a message.

 ·       Be a good passenger. Speak out if the driver of your vehicle is distracted. 

·       Don’t be a distraction.  Avoid calling or texting others when you know they are driving.

 ·       Activate Do Not Disturb. Setting up this feature on iPhone or Android device will prevent calls from coming in while you’re driving.

 ·       Everyone should prevent being intexticated. Just as drivers need to pay attention, so do pedestrians and bicyclists. Never call, text or play games while walking or cycling near a roadway.

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