Maybe you've noticed, maybe you haven't because you are actively seeking out the lowest pump prices around, but the average price of gas in Washington State has gone up six weeks in a row.  To magnify it a little more, the average has gone up since yesterday (President's Day).

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According to AAA, the Washington State average has increased fifteen cents over the last month.  It doesn't sound like much, but when two months ago most of State was enjoying prices firmly under four dollars a gallon, prices now are firmly above four dollars a gallon.

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The cheapest gas right now is...

Asotin County has the cheapest gas in the State averaging $3.71 per gallon.  Twelve other counties in Eastern Washington are under the four dollar a gallon threshold.  They are:

  • Spokane - $3.76
  • Benton - $3.83
  • Pend Orielle - $3.84
  • Garfield - $3.86
  • Franklin and Yakima - $3.91
  • Lincoln, Douglas, and Stevens - $3.92
  • Walla Walla - $3.97
  • Kittitas - $3.98
  • Adams and Chelan - $3.99

Then you start climbing

The rest of the east is over four dollars a gallon with Okanogan County the highest at $4.10 a gallon.  Only four counties on the west side are under $4.20 a gallon:  Skagit, Island, and Clark are well under that threshold while Whatcom just barely squeaks under at $4.19 per gallon.

Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images
Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images

The Most Expensive Gas in the State is Surrounded by Water

San Juan County gets the nod for heaviest lift at the pump right now.  With the state average sitting at $4.19 a gallon, the San Juan residents are shelling out almost 70 cents more than the state average at $4.87 per gallon.  Wahkiakum County comes in next as the county with a population of 4,422, is asking just under $4.55 per gallon...of course King County is right there at $4.47 per gallon.

That only covers regular unleaded prices.  If you;re driving a diesel the state average is $5.04 per gallon in Washington State.  In case you were wondering, the Evergreen State is a full 79 cents above the national average at this time and the trend does not appear headed for a reversal.

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Gallery Credit: Sophia Crisafulli

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