I will be the first to admit that I LOVE coffee. My first job in high school was being a Barista in Brewster WA. It's in my blood. Being raised in Washington Sate, we are all accustomed to Starbucks. Because, duh, we are the Home of Starbucks, in case you didn't know.

How do we KNOW, WA State as a whole loves coffee though?

Well, according to a study conducted by "Mr. Appliance," Washington States most searched Kitchen gadget is an Espresso Machine. (source)


Are other states just as obsessed?

"There’s always room for milk and sugar when these two are around. The coffee grinder and coffee maker are the 4th (205,000 MSV) and 9th (176,000 MSV) most popular small kitchen appliances, respectively. Americans love to make their own brews, especially using a Keurig. The Keurig Coffee Maker is the most searched brand of coffee maker on Amazon, averaging 181,000 monthly searches." (Source)

But WHY is the espresso machine the most searched kitchen gadget in WA?

Let's break it down. Cost of daily drive-thru coffee can contribute to wanting to brew your own cup of joe at home. Maybe the machines are hard for some to use, and they are simply looking up, "how to use." While there could be many factors, I personally just think that I am not alone in my coffee obsession and others, like myself want to buy/learn about the elusive espresso machine.


Which do you prefer, drip coffee or espresso coffee?

Is there even a difference? Yes, and that's for another article.

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