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There are a lot of area espresso shops and stands in our region, and they're pretty good! But when it comes to people who like Starbucks, are we actually behind Oregon?

Starbucks began in Seattle, but apparently Oregon the most obsessed?

According to a caffeine-powered survey released by, apparently, Oregon spends more money on Starbucks than WA.

Pricelisto is a website that constantly tracks the prices of food and beverages (and some other consumables) at thousands of businesses across the nation.

They determined the 'obsession' based upon the number of Starbucks locations per capita, or the number of state residents per store.

According to the survey, Oregon comes in at Number One with a Starbucks location for every 10,450 people. Take the number of stores, and divide it by the state's population.  Oregon has 401 locations.

WA has more stores, 711, we come in second with one store for every 10,710 people.

Oregon has fewer people, but is more 'dense' when it comes to Starbucks choices. Who came in third, and beyond? According to the survey: (the second column is what percentage of all Starbucks locations are in that particular state)


10New Mexico1130.71%18,543

To see the actual study, click here. 

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