April Showers bring May flowers. That's how the saying goes right? As I write this, we are in February but I also love planning ahead! Over here where I live (Eastern WA) I don't have to worry about all the rain, even in the springtime (even if I just jinxed myself, that's ok, I love rain). The West Side of Washington State However, does have to deal with the rain, all year round.

How much rain on average does Seattle WA get in a year?

"Seattle averages 39.34 inches of precipitation a year, with the vast majority falling as rain instead of snow." - Source

How much rain on average does Eastern WA get in a year?

"Eastern Washington has a highly varied climate ranging from near desert conditions in the south central Columbia basin (below 10 inches of precipitation a year) to over 40 inches in the mountainous areas found in both the northeastern and south eastern corners of the region." - Source

I told you there was a difference.


To really reiterate the differences, I have only ever owned rain boots for "looks" not even kidding.

So, when this Question popped up on Reddit, I was intrigued, I had no idea what to even say and I'm just a few short hours from the rainy side.

Also, I'm a Washington Girl. Don't we only own North Face and Patagonia? (I graduated in 2008, prime fleece North Face days. And Proud of it)

Best rain gear for durability?
byu/willowrosee inWashington

And Like Reddit does best, users provided some really solid advice!

Essential Rain Gear for Western WA (According to Reddit)

Need help deciding what to buy for Western WA living? Reddit provides their thoughts.

Gallery Credit: Aly

Whatever you choose to buy, remember everyone is different and you may only need an umbrella, or maybe you need the whole rain jacket and boots aisle. That's ok.

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