With the fate of a sales tax renewal in the hands of voters next month, Benton County will deliver a presentation on what the funding package for law enforcement entails.

Benton County Commissioners in July approved the Public Safety Sales Tax renewal for the November 7 general election ballot.

At a special board meeting this week, attendees will have a chance to view a breakdown of the estimated revenue for criminal justice purposes. The tax currently funds 54 local police officers and sheriff's deputies across Benton County. Four deputy prosecutors, a superior court judge and supporting staff get a share of the tax revenue as well.

The funding is divided between the county and the five cities within the county.  The county receives 60% of the revenue and the cities collectively get 40%. That 40% is then divided between the cities based on their percentage of the total population.

Source: Benton County
Source: Benton County

Currently, Benton County residents pay 3 cents for every $10 purchase to pay for public safety. Proposition one simply renews the .03% tax.

More details are expected to be heard during the special meeting Thursday at 6pm. It will be in the Commissioner's Hearing Room of the Benton County Administration Building at 7122 West Okanogan Place in Kennewick.

You will have a chance to speak publicly for or against the proposition.

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