A Washington State University Alum will perform a stand-up comedy set in the Tri-Cities on Thursday. 

On Thursday, May 9th, Matt Benoit will be doing a stand-up set at Pasco's Grizzly Bar as part of their 'Comedy Club."

Matt Beniot Comedy
Matt Beniot Comedy

Benoit started doing stand-up in college at Washington State University, where he graduated with a degree in journalism and media production. A person who ran a comedy show at a Greek row bar attended an improv practice he was part of and suggested he give stand-up a try. 

So Benoit wrote up a short set and went for it. He said he was terrified and did horribly. 

"Hands were shaking, and I frequently referred to my notes to avoid blanking out. Very much a deer in the headlights. Fortunately, I got better and have done several comedy festivals across the country in addition to frequent Western Washington gigs," Benoit said.

Benoit will be making his second stop in the Tri-Cities. 

"As a westsider [currently in Bellingham], it's nice getting over to the side of the state where the sun isn't a metaphor and the Mexican food is awesome. The Grizzly Bar is a nicely laid-out room with decent food and taxidermy bear at the entrance. That bear is surprisingly short and moderately less terrifying," explained Benoit.  He added he was taller than that bear.

Matt Beniot Comedy
Matt Beniot Comedy

During the Thursday show, he will perform a 25-minute set as the featured comedian, with Seattle's Timmy Booth headlining and doing about an hour. Booth is originally from North Carolina and nearly won the Seattle International Comedy Competition in 2022.

"He's hilarious. Together, we're both fairly nerdy dudes who also like baseball. We're not going to discuss the Mariners' starting rotation on-stage, but I'm sure you could talk to us about it after the show," Benoit said.

As a comedian, Beniot describes his comedy as delightfully silly and nerdy, with a decent sprinkling of absurdity. 

For more info, check out the Grizzly Bar's Website

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