(Hermiston, OR) -- Workers at the Hermiston Goodwill location got quite the surprise, after opening the store's donation box. At least one of the workers found a live Honduran Milksnake slithering within the box.

attachment-Hermiston Snake 2

Courtesy Blue Mountain Wildlife

This happened back on March 21, and it's unclear whether the snake was tossed into the box, or slithered its way into it. After the somewhat startling discovery, Goodwill workers called Blue Mountain Wildlife of Umatilla, who then determined the type of snake it was and set about finding it a good home.

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Courtesy Blue Mountain Wildlife

Lynn Thompkins with Blue Mountain says the snake was/is someone's pet since the Honduran Milksnake is a non-native species to the area. The snake is not-poisonous, and was ultimately placed in Ellensburg, where it's expected to end up at Central Washington University. No one was hurt in the snake encounter.

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