Overview of the New Contract 

Seattle's police officers are set to become the highest paid in Washington state under a new partial three-year contract that provides retroactive raises totaling 23%. This agreement, announced by Mayor Bruce Harrell, covers the years 2021 through 2023. Negotiations for the 2024 contract are still ongoing. 


Salary Increases and Impact 

Under the new contract, a starting officer's salary will increase from $83,000 to $103,000 per year, positioning Seattle's police force among the best compensated in the state. This pay hike is intended to improve recruitment and retention within the city's police department, addressing the demands of a competitive job market and growing pressures on law enforcement. 

Mayor's Statement on the Contract 

Mayor Harrell highlighted the significance of this new agreement, emphasizing Seattle's commitment to public safety and equitable compensation for police officers. "This contract reflects our dedication to supporting our officers while ensuring Seattle's safety," Harrell stated. 

Additional Provisions and Retroactive Raises 

The contract also addresses other key aspects of police operations and oversight. It includes retroactive raises for the period from 2021 to 2023, with percentage increases set at 1.3% for 2021, 6.4% for 2022, and 15.3% for 2023. This step toward higher wages is part of a broader effort to attract quality talent and retain experienced officers. 

Ongoing Negotiations and Future Goals 

Though the new contract brings significant changes, it covers only the initial three years of a longer-term agreement. Negotiations for the 2024 contract are ongoing, with city officials aiming to establish a comprehensive deal that balances competitive wages with continued advancements in police oversight and accountability. 


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Setting a Benchmark for Law Enforcement in Washington 

With this new contract, Seattle aspires to set a positive example for law enforcement agencies across Washington state, fostering a police force that attracts high-quality officers while addressing the evolving challenges of modern policing. 

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