Get ready to lace up those running shoes.



The Tri-Cities Marathon is a 26.2-mile long race that also serves as a qualifier for the famed Boston Marathon. The race will start at 7:30 on the 29th at the Riverfront Hotel in Richland and then will head over to Pasco and wind back towards Kennewick before ending in Richland. The cost of the full marathon is $90, the Half Marathon price is $75, and the relay is $45. 

You can sign up and register for the marathon here

Below is the entire course and details. 

Course Details and Aid Stations

  • Start is located on Bradley Blvd at the South entrance to the Riverfront Hotel. Aid Stations will be every 3 Miles or 5K markers.
  • 5k is past electric pole 4550-15A on Court Street in Pasco.
  • 10k is on the bike/run path before the west side of the grey house (804 N Rd. 62) before the Rd 60 access path
  • 15k is on the bike/run from the edge of Columbia Park Trail
  • Turnaround is on Columbia Park Trail 10' after the East edge of the basketball court
  • 20k is on the bike/run path before the third light pole (of four), where the path merges with Columbia Park Trail
  • 25k is on the bike/run path before the trash receptacle just before the cable bridge
  • 30k is on the bike/run path past the park bench that is after the park bench in honor of the Grant Family in Wade Park
  • 35k is on the bike/run path before electric pole 0941 just before access road to the boat ramp in Chiawana Park
  • 40k is on the bike/run path after path doubles back and turns after crossing I-182 bridge back into Richland
  • Finish is on the South parking lot a the Riverfront Hotel




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