A Person is Busted for Going to the Bathroom on the Side of the Road Near Prosser

A man is in trouble with Police after allegedly going to the bathroom on the side of the road and leading officers on a pursuit in a car they said was stolen.

Photo Prosser PD Facebook
Photo Prosser PD Facebook

A Man Going to the Bathroom on the Side of the Road Prompts Police Response

The Prosser Police Department says that multiple area agency officers helped in a case that initially involved lewd conduct off North Dallas Road. The department says they got a call of a person urinating on the side of the road and then just standing beside his car with his pants down. 

Students find cop's gun in bathroom in middle of school day

In Pursuit of the Alleged Stolen Vehicle 

Officers say that the man jumped in the car and drove off. Investigators then learned that the vehicle was stolen. Officers then pursued the driver, and he was eventually stopped with help from tire spikes in Grandview. Police say they arrested the driver and three other people in the alleged stolen vehicle. 

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Police Chase Ends in Crash

Suspect lost control and crashed into utility pole on the sidewalk of busy intersection

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