A man and woman from Spokane are in the Grant County Jail after they were caught on video stealing a firearm from a vehicle, plus other charges.

Police say the couple captured on video

Early Thursday morning, Kyle L. Knemeyer, 33,  of Spokane, and Mandilynn A. Law, 25, of Clarkston,  were spotted taking the firearm from a vehicle parked in the Moses Lake Winco Foods parking lot.

They left before police could arrive, but a short time later MLPD officers and Grant County Sheriff's Deputies located the pair.

When contacted and confronted, they no longer had the gun, they told officers they themselves had been robbed. However, the MLPD said this 'robber' did not relieve them of their cash or the drugs that they were carrying.

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The two were booked into jail on theft and vehicle prowling charges, the search for the firearm continues.

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