2023 is already fading in the rear view as we enter day two of 2024.  First, a wish of health and happiness to you and yours in this new year.  Second, time continues to remind us that all things must change, nothing is static.

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That said, changes have come to heritage local news station Newsradio 610 KONA.  Beginning today there are some additions to the lineup of the 76-year-old heritage AM station.  Both additions have a history with 610 KONA.

The Locker Room


The Locker Room has a long and storied history on the airwaves in Tri-Cities.  Dating back to the late 90's, the sports program has held spots on Newstalk 870 KFLD as well as Newsradio 610 KONA.  The show has featured Tri-Cities broadcasting mainstays like "The Caddie" Curt Cartier and former Tri-City Americans play by play man Craig West.

The Locker Room returns to 610 KONA weekday lineup after a three year run as a Saturday morning show.  "Philly" Robb Francis, who has been part of the show since 2000, will return as host.  Joining him is newcomer Merrick Parnell who recently provided color for KONA's Mid-Columbia Conference Football alongside Mike McDonnal.  Before that Parnell was the play by play man for Indoor Football's Billings Outlaws and the Butte Cobras of the NA3HL.

The Locker Room will also return to it's original time slot of 12-1pm.

Markley, Van Camp, and Robbins

Compass Media Networks
Compass Media Networks

Markley, Van Camp, and Robbins return to Newsradio 610 KONA at a new time and with their full three hour program.  MVCR features Baby Boomer Scott Robbins, Gen Xer Jamie Markley, and Millennial David Van Camp.  Their unique three generation presentation combines current events, politics, pop culture, and humor.

The show was on 610 KONA in a two hour format a few years ago and returns to hold down the 5-8pm time slot.  MVCR is a Northwest original as it emanates from the studios of KXL FM in Portland, OR.

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