A man waving a gun in Wapato, Washington, near Yakima,sent a school into lockdown earlier this week.

According to the Wapato Police Department, on Wednesday morning, officers got a report of a man waving a gun around in the South Camas area near a Wapato school.

WPD got a call about the man. (Photo: WPD)
WPD got a call about the man.
(Photo: WPD)

The man was eventually spotted by authorities, but he ran from police toward the PACE Alternative High School, and the school locked down its campus. Yakima Tribal Nation Police and the Yakima Sheriff's office joined Wapato Police in searching for the man, but they have not found him yet.

Photo: WPD
Photo: WPD


The authorities did determine the suspect was no longer in the area, and the school was able to lift their lockdown. Wapato Police say they are familiar with the man, and he has a history of carrying toy guns in a "questionable matter." The case and incident are still being investigated.

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