"Game Notes" from The Lockeroom  (1/12/24)

The Locker Room on NewsRadio 610 KONA was back at it again today, discussing a bevy of topics around the state, region and across the national sports landscape. You can listen to the Locker Room Monday through Friday, 12 PM - 1 PM on 610 KONA on our free mobile or at 610kona.com. 

Here is a rundown of our topics today on the Locker Room (January 12, 2024)

The Tri-Cities Dust Devils Extend Lease with Gesa Stadium

The Tri-Cities Dust Devils extend their lease at Gesa Stadium. Will the lease extension also mean improvements to the stadium? 

Photo: Dust Devils
Photo: Dust Devils

More Improvements to the Toyota Center or a New Arena?

With the question of will the Dust Devils be making improvements to their stadium, will the aging Toyota Center make more improvements for their major tenant,  the Tri-Cities Americans in the Western Hockey League? Or, could we see a new arena all together? 

Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

Kalen DeBoer is Heading for "Bama"

Less than a week from a National Championship game appearance, Washington Husky Head Football coach Kalen DeBoer is heading to Alabama to replace Nick Saban.


What Happens to University of  Washington Football When Deboer Leaves

Who will coach the Huskies as they move to the Big 10? It will probably needs to be someone that knows the Big 10 landscape but can also still recruit in the Northwest region as well as the national recruiting hot beds of California, Texas or Florida. 

Kalen Deboer (Photo: Getty Images)
Kalen Deboer
(Photo: Getty Images)

NFL Wild Card Weekend

It's Wild Card Weekend in the NFL playoffs. Out of all the intriguing games, one of the most interesting stories is that one of the premiere games this weekend, the one that features the Kansas City Chiefs at home against the Miami Dolphins will be aired on exclusively on NBC's  Peacock streaming service. 



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