A former Mount Lake Terrace High School student and Oscar Nominee stars in a new TV show. 

Fresh off her awards and Oscar Nomination as Mollie Burkhart in Martin Scorsese's 2023 film Killers of the Flower Moon, Lily Gladstone has taken her talents to the television side of things to star as Cam Bentland, a police officer in "Under the Bridge" a new series on the streaming platform, HULU. 

The show surrounds the actual life events of a Saanich, British Columbia, Canada, case where seven teenage girls and a boy were accused of the savage murder of Reena Virk, a teenage girl who went to join friends at a party and never returned home.

Under The Bridge

In an interview with "Good Morning America," Gladstone spoke about the role of the series, which is based on a complex subject. 

"It's a tough case," she said. "It's a heartbreaking one. It's so difficult to wrap your head around when you consider how young the kids were and who was involved. I think Riley said it quite a bit: because of the age of all the kids, it forces us to examine maybe some of the social inequities that both made Reena very vulnerable to bullying but also created this culture of bullying for those kids," Gladstone said.

She then added: "Bullies are hurt, powerless people. So, what are the systems in place that create that? What creates that disparity? What creates marginalized people in our society who are both more vulnerable to violent crime but also penalized more heavily when it does happen? So we have a lot of those conversations throughout the show."

Gladstone has acted in seven T.V shows including Billions and Reservation Dogs.

Lily Gladstone in Washington

Gladstone graduated from Mount Lake Terrace before returning to Montana to attend the University of Montana in Missoula.  

In this previous story, you can read about Gladstone's time here in Washington

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