Police in Richland are on the lookout for several people involved in two separate theft cases. One involved swiping a frozen treat, while the other involved lifting booze. 

Suspects in a Sweet Treat Theft

Investigators say that two people stole from the popular frozen yogurt shop, MyFroyo. If you know anything about these sweet treat thieves, call the Richland Police and reference case number #24-015983 

The Froyo suspects Photo: Richland Police
The Froyo suspects
Photo: Richland Police

My Froyo Theft Case Number: #24-015983 

The Alleged Booze Thieves

Richland Police are reporting that three people decided to shoplift alcohol from the Circle K gas station convenience store along George Washington Way. If you have any information or can I.D the suspects, call the Richland Police Department and provide the case number: # 24-017366.

The Alcohol Case Suspects Case Number:  # 24-017366

The suspected alcohol thieves Photo: Richland Police
The suspected alcohol thieves
Photo: Richland Police





















Anyone With Any Information is Asked to Call the Richland Police Department. 

If you have any information, please call the non-emergency line at (509) 628-0333 and reference the associated case number.

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