Arr, let me tell ye a tale o' treachery and teenage shenanigans on the high seas, or at least the low riverbanks! It was a fine Sunday evenin', and the "American Jazz" was moored ashore all quiet-like at Howard Amon Park in Richland, Washington. But shiver me timbers, out of nowhere comes a scurvy band of 10 to 12 teens and young adults, bold as brass, thinkin' they could just waltz aboard without so much as a "Ahoy!" 

Now, the maritime crew ain't the type to let unauthorized boarding slide, so they called the Richland Police faster than ye can say "yarrr." The officers arrived right quick, about 9 p.m., and found these young scallywags causin' a ruckus on the ship. There was arguin', shoutin', and all sorts of unseamanlike conduct. So what did they do? Threw 'em off the ship, o' course! Off ye go, ye landlubbers! 

The Getaway

The teens and young adults tried to slip into the crowd on shore, thinkin' they could vanish like a ghost ship in a foggy night. But the police weren't havin' it. They nabbed two of 'em quick as a cat o' nine tails. One was a young'un, so he was handed back to his folks—probably got a good talkin'-to, arr. The other was an adult, so he got booked into the Benton County Jail for trespassin' and fibbin' to the authorities. That'll teach 'em not to mess with maritime law! 

The captain of the "American Jazz" didn't take kindly to this sort of behavior, no sir. He called the Coast Guard, and they're gonna be lookin' into the whole matter. Can't have a bunch of kids runnin' wild on a ship, after all. It's dangerous, and it's against all codes o' the sea! 

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Police Cracking Down

The authorities are remindin' folks to keep their wits about 'em when visitin' Howard Amon Park. Enjoy the place, sure, but don't go gettin' any bright ideas about boardin' ships without permission. As summer comes round, the Richland Police are gonna be out in full force, keepin' an eye on the riverfront. So if you don't want to end up in the brig, mind your manners and stay off the ships, savvy? Yarrr! 

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