The entire roof of the old Collins Fruit warehouse in Monitor is caved in from a multi-alarm fire overnight Thursday morning. 

The flames from the fire were at their peak at 3am when the middle of the roof fell in.  

Chelan County Fire District 6 Chief Phil Mosher says they're still monitoring the building for possible smoldering. "We're throwing a little bit of water, and making sure if a wall comes down, everybody is safe...We'll be out here probably for the next couple of days dealing with this," said Mosher. 

At one point nearby residents were asked to shelter in place while crews battled the fire.  

Chelan County Fire District 6, WVFD, Cashmere Fire Department and Chelan County Fire District 3 were all called to the scene. 

The old Collins Fruit warehouse is next to Main Street in Monitor, which Mosher says will be closed both Thursday and Friday. 

"There may not be fire equipment on it, but there is one wall, the north wall of the building that's right up against that road," Mosher said. "And until we can secure that or make sure that it is secure, we'll probably have to keep that road closed.  

The building was being used to grow recreational and medical marijuana. 

 The cause is unknown as the fire is still active. There are no injuries reported. 

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