Washington State. Founded on Nov. 11th, 1889. And 9 years before Washington State was founded, we got our first Private School Established.

The First Ever School for Washington State was opened in 1880.

Holy Names Academy. 

Marked as the oldest open school in Washington State, it's also the first Private school in Washington.

With over 11,0000 female students who have graduated here, Holy Names Academy continues to be a stand-out institution.

Now that we know of the first private school in WA, what's the oldest high school in WA?

Dayton High School

Founded just a year after Holy Names Academy, Dayton High School opened its doors in 1881.

"On April 20, 2023, the administrators celebrated their 100-year anniversary of laying Dayton High School’s cornerstone. Back when it first started, it was the first accredited high school in Washington state. " - (momswhothink.com)

With its first year opening, there was a smallpox outbreak, and of the 44 students enrolled, only 5 made it all the way to graduation.

The first graduating class of the high school was in 1885. However, they weren’t able to get their diplomas because funding dried up." - (momswhothink.com)

Do you know anyone who has graduated from either school?

With diving into the oldest schools, it made me curious, how old is the school I graduated from?

Brewster High School

Founded in 1971!

Hey that's the year my mother was born! And no, she isn't ancient.

Washington State is home to many amazing schools, private or public, you'll be sure to get a great education. I miss my high school days, pep rallies, sporting events, even just walking the halls, very much a bright part of my past.

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