UW's Husky Stadium Will Host This Year's WIAA State Football Championships

The State Championship games for WIAA High School Football will be played at Husky Stadium at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle this Friday and Saturday (December 1st and 2nd). The game moves to Husky Stadium after being played at various sites across the Puget Sound and before that, the Tacoma Dome. 

Husky Stadium Photo: WIAA
Husky Stadium
Photo: WIAA

Playing the Game at Husky Stadium

Mick Hoffman, the WIAA Executive Director, spoke to NewsRadio 610 KONA about the State Championship Football games at Husky Stadium. Hoffman said It [Husky Stadium] is a beautiful setting where students and fans watch UW contests on TV." He continued, "It is the WIAA's goal to host State Championships at venues that create lifelong positive memories for student-athletes." He also explained that former UW Athletic Director (AD) Jen Cohen and Associate AD Dan Erickson were really motivated to host the Championship games, and they helped make that financially feasible.

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Husky Stadium just hosted the last Pac 12 Apple Cup (Getty Images)

What Fans Can Expect

Fans can expect to see student-athletes competing to win a State Football Championship. In addition, at Husky Stadium, plenty of seating and enhancements will create the atmosphere of a state championship event.

Photo: WIAA
Photo: WIAA

The Benefit of Hosting the Game at Husky Stadium

According to the WIAA, the event will bring millions of dollars of academic impact to the area due to purchasing hotels, food, shopping, and transportation-related options. "This is true of all events the WIAA hosts in communities, which is why they compete to host," Hoffman said.

Future of the Game at Husky Stadium. 

As for the future of the WIAA State Football Championship games at Husky Stadium, the WIAA wants to see how the event goes and what the attendance numbers look like. 

The State games had been held at the Tacoma Dome in years past Photo: TCP
The State games had been held at the Tacoma Dome in years past
Photo: TCP

2023 WIAA High School Football Championship Schedule 

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