Officials in Yakima County are offering an Amnesty Program for people who owe money to the local court system.
A press release from county officials say a number of different courts are involved in the program including Yakima County District Court (Includes Union Gap, Moxee, Mabton & Grandview Municipal Courts) plus Yakima Municipal Court, Selah Municipal Court and Zillah Municipal Court.

The program could save you money and future headaches

County officials say the Amnesty Program is designed to help those with outstanding accounts in collections.  Sound good? The participating courts and their collection agencies have "agreed to waive all interest and may reduce a significant portion of collection costs on accounts that are in collection, if the principle balance is paid in full."

The program is designed to help pay off fines in collection
Being a part of the program you can avoid future collection fees and legal actions like wage garnishment or property liens. County officials say it may also make it easier to obtaining or reinstating a driver’s license. County officials say while the program will help many garnishment and bankruptcy cases don't qualify for the program.

Want more information?

The press release from the county says "you may contact the collection agency directly, if you are unsure of the fine balances or what collection agency has your account, you may call the court for additional information. "
The amnesty program is only happening during the month of February only.

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