I have always had a silent, burning passion for being a police officer, however, these old knees say NOPE! Well, here is my chance to experience life as an officer and YOUR chance too! The West Richland Police Department is hosting its Police Citizens Academy and we are all invited to participate. The Academy starts on April 20th and will be held once a week until June 24th. Learn what it's like to be an officer of the law and have that front-line experience. Graduates of the Citizens Academy may be trained to assist the Police Department with things like incidents, parades, traffic control, and community events. Topics covered in the workshop include crime scenes, emergency vehicle operations (EVOC), firearms, gang intelligence, investigations, interrogation and interviewing, K9, law enforcement technology, patrol procedures, police interviews, traffic control, traffic enforcement, and the use of force.

Also, get your chance to drive a patrol car through an obstacle course and fire weapons at the police range! You will also get to tour county facilities and see how public safety operates from dispatch to the jail. Such a cool, hands-on experience! Take the job for a test drive before you decide to commit fully. Get signed up now! Registration is available by visiting The City of West Richland Police Citizens Academy Page. Or you can print the application now by clicking HERE.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and live, or work in the City of West Richland. For more information, you can also contact the West Richland Police Department by calling 509-967-3425. Or swing by their new facility at 7920 W Van Giesen St, West Richland, WA.

Thank you to all the men and women in uniform, who get up each day and keep our community a safe place to live!

Dmitriy Eremenkov



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