Here Are Five Kid-Friendly Diners You'll Love In Tri-Cities Washington

As a parent of two boys, I know the hassle of trying to find a kid-friendly place to eat in Tri-Cities Washington.


The #1 Kid-Friendly Diner In Tri-Cities Washington Will Surprise You

Luckily there are several great places you can look into. I saw a posting in the West Richland Facebook group about kid-friendly places to eat and one diner really stood out from the rest of the crowd.

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There are lots of kid-friendly places to eat but here are five of the best diners that the residents of West Richland raved about in their Facebook comments:

5 Fun, Kid-Friendly Diners for Families in Tri-Cities Washington

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Lil' Moon Diner was ranked #1 in the Tri-Cities for friendliest diner for kids.

Thanks to the West Richland folks for bringing up the topic of kid-friendly diners in the Tri-Cities. I'm sure there are a ton more, feel free to share your favorite kid-friendly diners below and I'll add them to the list in a future article.

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