It may be hard to believe but the weather impacts the way you drive. Especially nice weather. Washington State Patrol Troopers say more people are driving, more teens are on the road, more walkers and bikers and more construction. All those things impact the way you drive or the way others drive. Yakima Police say they're trying to control traffic in Yakima hoping to see fewer injury and fatal crashes.


Yakima Police and Union Gap Police are now conducting traffic emphasis.
In the last week Yakima officers stopped 760 drivers and issued 300 citations. The speed patrols are happening all over the city of Yakima. In Union Gap Officers are concentrating on Ahtanum Rd, Main St, and Valley Mall Blvd. where they say they see drivers speeding at 15-20 mph above the posted speed limit.


The patrols continue in the city of Yakima but police say they're still seeing a lot of drivers not stopping for red lights. During the week of March 19 through March 25 Officers investigated 30 collisions with 17 the result of a driver not stopping for a red light. Compare those numbers to the week before, March 12 through March 18. During that week Officers investigated 23 collisions, 16 the result of a driver not stopping for a red light.


The patrols are ongoing to try and convince people to obey traffic laws but police admit they're not seeing the results they'd like to see says Capt. Jay Seely. The patrols started last year as a way to send a message to drivers to slow down and be careful following a rash of fatal crashes. 11 fatal crashes have been reported over the last year just within Yakima city limits.
If you're driving in the city authorities urge you to give yourself a couple of seconds at any traffic light to avoid being in an accident from someone who isn't stopping for the red light.

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