You may not even notice it but it's an important part of the upcoming Central Washington State Fair. It's security and Yakima Police will be working closely with fair security to make sure your visit is fun and safe. Fair officials say they will still check for illegal items in purses and other things people carry into the event.

There's an extra layer of security this year

Yakima Police Capt. Jay Seely says security officials will also be using security wands to check people for weapons since State Fair Park is private property and weapons including guns are not allowed. Seely says it's a great idea "so we don't have to deal with a shooting like they had to deal with at the Sunnyside Cinco De Mayo Celebraton." Five people were shot during that incident in which gang members were shooting at each other in the crowd.

Police believe most people will understand and even welcome the extra security

Seely says he knows the security may upset some people who legally carry concealed. "We have to change our law abiding behavior because of the concern about criminals." While he says some will be surprised he believes most who attend the fair will fully understand the need for security. Once inside security officials say they hope you never have to be concerned about your safety or security. In fact police say there's a zero tolerance policy for anyone causing problems on the fairgrounds.

So far so good

Seely says they've been able to avoid major problems at the fair for years because of the no tolerance policy. The Yakima Police Department Gang Unit along with many patrol officers working overtime will be at the fair working closely with fair security to keep the area safe.

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