For the first time, the City of Pasco will participate in the Wreaths Across America initiative, a tribute to the nation's veterans.

In what has been a national movement since 1992, the Pasco event is an opportunity to sponsor wreaths for City View Cemetery ahead of the nation's day of remembrance on December 16th.

"We were looking to help the city council reach its goals. They're getting more involved with community identity and that type of thing. We're always trying to do patriotic things out at the cemetery. And this year's theme for Wreaths Across America is how to get involved." Public Facilities Manager Dan Dotta said.

950 veterans are laid to rest at the 100-year-old City View Cemetery. Many of the veterans fought in the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War.

Your contribution to the wreath initiative goes a long way in remembering the fallen, teaching the next generation in the value of freedom and honoring those who served.

"And it's not just the donating. We're also looking for volunteers to help place them (wreaths). This has been so successful. Last Thursday, I announced it at Kiwanis Club and it got so much excitement. We got 150 wreaths, just in a couple of days." Dotta said.

These are the ways you can get involved. Choose any link:

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