Or, more importantly, what your bumper stickers tell others about you.

We all recognize that there are a lot of unsavory individuals in society who don't have your best interests at heart. Between the rise in violent crime and the ever increasing number of drug addicts on the streets, it's a good idea to review what you're telling them about you and your family as you go innocently about your day.

Criminals and genuinely evil people seldom have moral standards like the rest of us. They will lie, cheat and cause harm in order to get what they desire. The drug addled mind doesn't process emotions and logic like normal minds, and they have all sorts of ways to achieve their ill-founded objectives.

Keep this in mind before you put another bumper sticker on your vehicle.

Something as simple as a "my kid is an honor student" sticker can tell others more information than you'd normally give them. It is not uncommon to be stuck behind an SUV in traffic loaded with all sorts of different bumper stickers that highlight all sorts of facets to the driver's home life.

Many vehicles have the "family" sticker. This is the one with a character representation of the members of the family, often delineating specific details such as the number of kids you have, if you're divorced, or married and even your hobbies. This seemingly benign information can get a perpetrator important info about you and your family. Mostly, what and who they can expect if they follow you home.

Bumper stickers that explain your hobbies are another point of contention. If you have several stickers showing that you're a soccer family, or off-road enthusiasts, etc., that tells thief's that your family is often not home and (in the case of activities like dirt biking and off-roading) that you might have expensive items at your home.

When it comes to stickers that show your political leanings, those can lead you to being gas lighted by criminals. A clever thief can use psychological tricks to get in your head and convince you to facilitate their desires. Besides, political stickers, whether for the left or right, show that you are unhinged and an easy target.

Also, one of those "Co-Exist" stickers tells a prospective bad guy that you probably have drugs at home and will cause them to want to befriend you for a future deceit and free drugs. A win-win in their book.

Aside from the fact that grown adults shouldn't have bumper stickers on their cars, they tell strangers way more about you and your family than you would in direct conversation.

Overall, your best bet is to only have stickers on your car that warn those around you who wish you harm that you are more dangerous than they are expecting. Maybe a sticker that shows you have served hard time in federal prison, or possibly one that shows that you are armed with an itchy trigger finger. Stickers like that are the correct way to go if you must put stickers on your car... which, as I said, full grown adults shouldn't do anyway.

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