Thousands are expected to pay their respects to our nation's veterans by attending this Saturday's Veterans Day Parade in West Richland.

The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs selects regional sites each year for the Veterans Day Commemoration. The West Richland Chamber of Commerce has been able to secure the site designation from Washington D-C for the last 18 years. It's the only designated Regional Site Veterans Day Parade in the state east of the Cascade Mountains.

The parade starts at 9:30 Saturday Morning. It starts at the intersection of West Van Giesen and Grosscup, traveling through downtown and finishing at West Van Giesen and 38th Avenue.

The parade will be followed by the chili feed fundraiser and awards ceremony at Flat Top Park. Jeremy "Tank" Albers with Tri-Cities' Combat Veterans International #3 plans to attend.

"A lot of the times we will try to interact with as much as we can with the community and in garnering donations and ticket sales to be that we hold in order to bring funds in and deliver them out to the veterans in need around our team." Albers said.

A number of military vehicles will be on display along with a Harley Davidson motorcycle that will be raffled off.

"We've been doing it for quite a few years. We generate quite a bit of money with it, working with West Richland Chamber of Commerce and a lot of local vendors in the area that help us with building the bikes and some that help us with paint schemes." Albers said.

The motorcycle is an Old School Harley Bobber, 1980 FXS Custom. The value of the motorcycle is $10,000. Tickets for the raffle are $10. If you would like to enter, we've set up a link here.

West Richland Area Chamber of Commerce
West Richland Area Chamber of Commerce
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