When most people think of Cinema and Washington State you get the usual 'Sleepless in Seattle' references, how cute 'Harry and the Hendersons' was, the have did you 'Free Willy' yet? jokes, and other nods to the most recognized films set in Washington State (can anyone say 'Twilight'?).

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YouTube/Jo Blo Movie Clips
YouTube/Jo Blo Movie Clips "First Blood"

There is so More Much More Though...

The original First Blood was filmed in Washington State, as was Die Hard 2, an Officer and Gentleman, and of course, Top Gun:Maverick.  What may be the best kept secret regarding Washington State's Cinematic History is the number of horror movies using the Evergreen State as a backdrop.

Horror Movies Filmed in Washington State

There's much more to Washington state movies than Sleepless in Seattle and Harry and the Hendersons. Check out this list of terrifying movies filmed in Washington!

Gallery Credit: Robb Francis

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