There is new data that has been released about the rate of prison deaths in Washington State.

 A recent study by the Connecticut Trial Firm and reported by the Lynwood Times looked into what causes people to die the most in Washington state prisons.

The Leading Cause of Natural Deaths in Washington's Prison System and in Local Jails

They used the Bureau of Justice Statistics information and compared death rates in different states. From 2001 to 2019, Washington state prisons had 674 deaths, and cancer was the main reason for 196 of them. Also, about 17.1 people die each year in local jails in the state.


The Leading Cause of Unnatural Deaths in Side Washington's Prisons May Surprise Some

The study also found that suicide was the top cause of unnatural deaths in Washington state prisons, causing 48 deaths. It also looked at national trends and found that most people who died in jail were men, and a lot of them were older than 55.

When comparing states, Louisiana had the highest death rate in prisons, with 42.7 deaths per 100,000 people. Washington was ranked 42nd, with 8.6 deaths per 100,000 people.

Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash
Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash

Studying Prison Data Like This is Helpful in Improving Conditions Inside Prisons

Ryan Keen from Connecticut Trial Firm talked about why studying prison data is essential. He said that understanding why people die in prison helps authorities make prisons safer. They can improve mental health services, make prisons cleaner, and ensure they're safe. Keen stressed the importance of monitoring prison death rates to protect people's rights and save lives.

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