I've talked about this before, but living in a desert here in Washington state is a lot different than back in Colorado. Back there, in my yard, I would combat a single giant mushroom maybe once or twice a year. And yeah, it was big—it would have made Mario big and strong. Or maybe it would have led to some sort of psychedelic trip down a very hallucinogenic road. Not sure, I never ate them. I would pick them and throw them into my neighbor's yard. I know what you're thinking, and let me tell you that I am not the jerk in that story. He had it coming. More on that later. 


Getting Rid of Mushrooms

So, I never had to go through the work of getting rid of mushrooms and fungus in my lawn. Up here in the Tri-Cities, that’s just a different game. After only a few weeks of watering with the magic river juice that we get in Kennewick, my yard looks like a Smurf compound. And I'm that creepy guy that comes and harasses them with my schizophrenic cat—but in my case, it’s a dog. 

  What to DO

What do I do? There are mushrooms all over the place. They are tiny and brown, and honestly, they look like they would be good in a soup or sautéed. My fiancée reminds me that's probably a bad idea. 


After some research, I have settled on vinegar and water or soap and water. It sounds like it will kill the ones on top, and if I can get the soap and water into the ground around it, it should kill the colony, or so they say. I, for one, am worried about the grass. I have a very pretty lawn, and I would like to keep it that way. 


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More Research...

After further digging, it sounds like the soap and water is the best bet, as most anti-fungal sprays for the lawn are either not safe for the dogs or not safe for the grass. So, if you are working on wiping out the population of the Smurfs and not sure what to do, this is your best bet. And you can take that to the bank—I'm a guy on the internet; I have to be right!  

Washington Mushrooms in My Backyard: Edible or Risky?

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