On April 22,  late at night, detectives say a woman quietly called 911 from a bathroom in a Circle K store in Burbank, Washington. She spoke about an issue with her boyfriend, who investigators say was wanted by the Washington Department of Corrections for running away from where he was supposed to be after being convicted of assaulting a child.

A Suspect Ran from  the Cops in Burbank

Deputies came for help and saw the suspect leaving the store's parking lot in a green Honda SUV. They stopped him with the help of a WSP Trooper. The woman came out and said her 3-year-old son was still in the car. When they approached, they saw him hiding in the back. They told him to get out, but he drove away, stealing the car.

The police chased him into Oregon, where they stopped him using a spiked strip on Highway 730. He ran into a neighborhood, escaping even with a police dog helping. Thankfully, they got the child out of the car safely.


The Suspect Spotted in Walla Walla County

On April 26, a detective saw the man leaving a trailer in Walla Walla County. SWAT tried to arrest him back on April 26, but he ran away in a car, broke through a fence, and crashed in Washington. He hid in a trailer, and the police found him there. They also found another wanted person hiding nearby.

The suspect is in jail and faces charges related to kidnapping, using a stolen car, running from the police, and hurting a child.

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