Kayla Smith and her husband were eagerly awaiting the birth of their baby boy, named Brooks. However, during a routine anatomy scan, doctors discovered an inoperable heart defect in Brooks. This revelation coincided with changes in abortion laws, impacting Idaho's regulations. Kayla faced the decision of continuing the pregnancy, despite potential health risks due to her previous experience with preeclampsia during her first pregnancy. 

Raised with conservative values in Seattle, Kayla found herself in an unexpected and challenging situation. Her second pregnancy presented significant health concerns for both her and the unborn child. Despite initial reluctance, Kayla chose to terminate the pregnancy in Washington state due to obstacles and restrictions in Idaho. 

State of the Union Address

President Biden's recent State of the Union address, where he expressed a commitment to addressing legal changes, resonated with Kayla. She attended the address as a guest of U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, hoping for legislative changes to alleviate challenges faced by women in similar situations. 

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A New Chapter: Relocating to Washington and Advocating for Change 

Post-abortion, Kayla faced financial challenges, taking out a $16,000 personal loan for the procedure due to insurance restrictions in Idaho. Grateful for support from friends and family, she moved to Washington in 2022. 

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