In a time when a community is struggling with a natural disaster, the common thief always finds a way to make the situation worse.

According to a press release from the Spokane County Sheriff's Department, at around 8:15 am on August 21st (this past Monday) Spokane Police Detectives were working as a part of the continued assistance with crime prevention in the Gray Fire evacuation zone and responded to a reported burglary on the 20100 block of W. Thorpe Road near Medical Lake.

The individual who first called authorities, a family member of the homeowner, was contacted by detectives who learned that a suspicious man and woman had arrived at said residence. The caller added that the two individuals had pulled into the driveway, at which time he made contacted with them, knowing that no one was supposed to be there.

The caller also said that the male, now identified as 38-year old Matthew W. Parsons, was wearing a yellow high-visibility long-sleeve shirt, similar to firefighters in the area. Parsons explained that he had a flat tire and pulled over in order to find a way to fill it up. The caller, noticing a tire on the vehicle appeared low, offered to fill the tire at his workshop.

Moments later, the suspicious female, now identified as 37-year old Diane M. Guerrero, emerged from behind the home and got into the suspect vehicle. The caller then stated the couple must have noticed he was calling the police, as they slowly drove toward the workshop, but continued without stopping to fill the tire.

Authorities noticed that the back door to the residence was unlocked, and it appeared the cabinets in the kitchen had been gone through, however nothing seemed to be missing.

Detectives later contacted the homeowner, who stated he was missing some tools, which he said were valued at approximately $300.

Later that afternoon, at around 4:10 pm, another officer saw the two suspects in the same vehicle near Silver Lake and Medical Lake-Four Lakes Road. A traffic stop was conducted, and Guerrero explained that the two were trying to get back to Tacoma, but got lost.

After further investigation, Parsons and Guerrero were arrested for Burglary.  The two would-be thieves were transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail on charges of Residential Burglary.

Good riddance.

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