Rocks are being thrown at cars along a highway west of the Tri-Cities near Granger.

The Washington State Patrol (WSP)  is looking for witnesses to a highway rock-throwing incident near Granger, Washington.

Troopers report rocks and even bolts have been thrown at vehicles driving along State Route 223 and State Route 22 near Granger, Washington. Granger sits between Yakima and the Tri-Cities. Investigators also say that the thrown objects shattered windshields last weekend and caused two injuries.

The Washington State Patrol also states that two similar incidents in the area along the two highways over the last month are currently under investigation and may be related. They also said there could be other victims with similar incidents in this area that have not been reported.

The Washington State Patrol Needs Your Help

The WSP is looking for witnesses who might have seen these incidents occur, or have information regarding these rock-throwing events, or those who have been involved.

"At this time it is still early in the investigation, I am reaching out to the public for assistance with anything they may have seen in the area in the late night early morning hours. This could be any suspicious vehicles, pedestrians or residences in the area of State Route 223 south of Granger, Washington," said Detective Derrick Jacobs with the Washington State Patrol.

He continued to say, "This is concerning as we have had two injured persons so far. Commercial vehicles often weigh 80,000 to 100,000 lbs, and objects coming through the windshield can incapacitate a driver leading to more serious injuries or collisions with other motorists."

Those with information are asked to call Washington State Patrol Detective. Derrick Jacobs at (509 249 6744 or email at

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