The Richland Police Department is looking for these people.

The Richland Police Department is asking for your help locating these wanted individuals in connection to alleged crimes that have happened recently here in the Tri-Cities.  

The first person Richland Police are trying to find is a gentleman that officers say stole a scooter. If you know anything about this incident, call them and give them the case number for reference: #23-044251. The second individual is another guy that officers say committed credit card fraud. The reference for that case is #23-041756. Lastly, officers with the Richland Department say that a woman allegedly stole $1,200 worth of alcohol last weekend, and they are looking for her.

The department asks that If you have any information, please call the Richland Police Department’s non-emergency line at (509) 628-0333 and reference the associated case number.

The Case numbers and photos are also listed below for quick referencing. 

Case #23-044251 - The alleged scooter theif

The alleged scooter thief (RPD)
The alleged scooter thief
(Photo: RPD)

Case #23-041756 -  The alleged credit card fraudster

The alleged credit card fraudster
The alleged credit card fraudster (Photo: RDP)

Case #23-044892 - The alleged alcohol thief

The alleged alcohol thief
The alleged alcohol thief  (Photo: RDP)










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