How Much New Snow Is Tri-Cities Washington Getting In January 2024?

It's going to be a crazy week of weather in the Tri-Cities and it looks like we'll be getting snow dumped on us.


What Are The Worse Days In January 2024 For Snow And Rain In Tri-Cities WA?

My wife last week that Tri-Cities is looking at a late winter and it looks like that might be the case. As we go into the third week of January, how much more new snow can we expect to get here in the Tri-Cities for the rest of the month?

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We'll see a jump in perception this week and as expected starting Tuesday afternoon and going through Thursday, we could see 1-3 inches of new snow according to PNW weather expert Mark Ingalls:

A winter weather advisory is in effect for the Tri-Cities, Yakima, and Walla Walla for 16:00 Tuesday to 19:00 Wednesday where two to four inches (5-10 cm) of snow and a glaze of ice are forecast. In Grant and Adams Counties, the same amount of snow is expected without the ice. Hermiston can expect up to an inch (2 cm) of snow and a tenth of an inch (2 mm) of ice.

It'll make for a few nasty days here in the Columbia Basin but what does the rest of the month look like for the Tri-Cities?

Hand using brush sweeping snow on car windscreen in winter

Looking ahead for the rest of the month, the Northwest Weather Service is projecting some snow/rain showers on January 24th and 25th. It looks like the total new snowfall for January could be 4-8 inches. We'll also still see plenty of days of cloudy skies and cold temperatures.

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