It's that time of year that golfers are getting a little bit anxious about going out to play. Yes, golf courses around the Tri-cities even my favorite Canyon Lakes stay open 365 days a year unless there's snow on the ground but there's something about springtime that signals like a traffic light that it's time to get out and play.
Some Players will go so far as to leave the country and play in latitudes farther to the South. Like a trip to Mexico maybe tee it up at Mayakoba. Usually sunny and mid 70s to low 80s everyday it's a great place to play.
With the 4th Forsythia beginning to bloom here, grasses will start to turn green and that means the local courses should look better and play like you would expect them to.
 Also, there's something else that comes with springtime and that's a special event at Golf Universe. It's their Demo Day event.
I don't know if you've ever had your swing analyzed, but it might help you pick your next set of clubs and it's kind of cool to see all the analytics. They also have a driving range right out back! Even if you don't need golf clubs it's kind of fun to see what your swing looks like on the screen.
 Gol Universe also all the accessories, golf shoes, apparel golf balls, and everything you need to get back on the course. It's a fun event with great prices.

The Demo Day event runs Saturday the 25th of March from 10 AM until 3 PM so stop in. If you are looking to get the flat stick heading the right direction, they have two putt putt mini golf courses too!


Golf Universe is just off Clearwater behind Community First Bank and across from the grain elevator.


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