The shape of the State of Washington follows the ebbs and flows of the mighty Columbia River. There is a point between the Columbia River Gorge (near Hood River) and Portland, that dips south. This is where we find the southernmost town in Washington State.

The town (or community) is Mt. Pleasant, Washington (45.5598° North) - located 11 minutes (driving) to the east of Camas, WA. 

Mt. Pleasant is such a small community that it doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to it. Maybe after this article it will? Google also doesn’t seem to know about Mt. Pleasant, Washington

ME: Hey Google, give me some info on Mt. Pleasant (pause) Washington

Google: Ok here you go. (It showed me Mt. Pleasant - near Washington DC)

So…if Mt. Pleasant doesn’t cut it as a town, then Washougal, Washington would get the distinction of furthest southern incorporated town in our state - at 45.5811° North

Floating boardwalk on the Columbia River CREDIT: Visit Washougal (Facebook)
Floating boardwalk on the Columbia River CREDIT: Visit Washougal (Facebook)

Now lets get technical.

There is a stretch of land (it's actually a state park) that slightly beats both towns (or communities) and is the furthest most southern point of Washington State:

Reed Island State Park.  

BeLocal Camas/Washougal/East Vancouver (Facebook)
BeLocal Camas/Washougal/East Vancouver (Facebook)

Let's compare Reed Island State Park (located in the middle of the Columbia River) to Portland and some more famous Oregon coastal towns.

Washington State's Reed Island State Park (45.5531° N) is surprisingly further SOUTH on the map than:

The Janzen Beach Shopping Mall in Portland, Oregon (45.6131° N)

Seaside, Oregon (45.9932° N)

Cannon Beach (45.8918° N)

Manzanita, Oregon (45.7184° N…getting closer)

It's not until we get as far south as Tillamook, Oregon (45.4562° N)  Home of the great Tillamook cheese, yogurt & Ice Cream products) that we finally find an Oregon Coast town that is barely further south than Washington's Reed Island Park.

Holly Fuller (Facebook)
Holly Fuller (Facebook)

INFO SOURCE: Google Maps

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