People are hungry and Second Harvest has made it their mission to feed them.

According to their website, Second Harvest uses a variety of strategies to get food to hungry people. They make sure their services are collaborative and practical in serving our community. One of the successful strategies is hosting their Mobile Markets, or FREE food events. The promotions have been so well attended, that I received a call from 2nd Harvest letting me know they need more food!

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Cash and food donations are needed to keep the Mobile Markets operating.

It's hard to turn someone away, but that's what happens when the food runs out. It's a never ending, hard situation to deal with. However, it does happen. We'd like to feed as many people as we can. Monetary donations can be made here.

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Your gift today will bring hope to the tables of our neighbors in need. Every dollar provides food for local children, seniors and families facing hunger.

More than 2 million pounds of food is distributed monthly to hungry families in the Inland Northwest. Almost 80% of the food is fresh produce and other perishable items.

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At Second Harvest, we accept a wide variety of donations including:

• Fresh Produce
• Dairy Products
• Cooler Products
• Frozen Protein
• Frozen Meals
• Pasta, Grains & Bread
• Canned Goods
•.Dry Goods
• Beverages
• Boxes and Other Packing Materials

You can schedule a drop off by clicking the button below.

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