It goes without saying, but I will anyway.

Cars get super-hot in the summertime.

How hot?

"When exposed to sunlight, a car can rapidly become alarmingly hot. On an 80°F Day, within just 20 minutes, the car’s interior can soar to 109°F. Within 40 minutes, it might reach a scorching 118°F. Even on milder days, with temperatures around 70°F, the inside of your car can turn uncomfortably hot. " Source


Super hot.

When we get into the car after it's been sitting in the sun, man, do you hope the seats don't give you a third-degree burn! Even with cloth seats.

So, what are some items we shouldn't keep in the car, on a hot day? I did some digging and found some great reminders!

DO NOT Leave these In A Hot Car

Some things are obvious and some you might say, "Wait, really?!"

Gallery Credit: Aly

I feel like adding Babies and pets to that list was a bit overkill, because DUH.

But you'd be surprised at how "not, DUH" that is for some.

"A key finding reveals that since 1990, nearly 1,100 children have died inside hot cars, including one fatality this year. "The trend in deaths has been rising, with 2018 and 2019 marking the worst years on record, with 54 and 53 child fatalities, respectively,"" Source

Let's protect our kids and pets. Along with the other valuables we don't want melting or exploding.

I get it, sometimes we need to bring stuff with us places and we have no option but to leave it in the car but, when it comes to electronics and stuff actually worth money, please do what you can with those, you don't want to have to go buy a replacement. What a hassle that would be!

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