Kadlec Regional Medical Center will soon receive recognition as a Heart Safe Campus by Richland Fire and Services.

"It's part of our Heart Safe Richland initiative, which is a public education campaign to teach hands only CPR and AED use out in the community. As part of that program, we do what's called Heart Safe campuses where if you have a business, and we come in, we can train your employees." said Michael Van Beek Battalion, Battalion Fire Chief of Richland Fire and Services. "If at least 70% of your employees are trained in hands only CPR and AED use, we will recognize that business as being a Heart Safe Campus."

Van Beek says a Heart Safe Campus is one that goes above and beyond in its efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of all who enter.

At Kadlec, medical training is the norm for clinical staff. However, 90% of Kadlec’s non-clinical staff on the main campus are now trained in Hands-Only CPR. That's more than 200 employees.

"And that's what we want the community to know is that really everyone has the ability to save a life. You don't need to be a medically trained person," Van Beek added. "Studies show that if someone has cardiac arrest, and they receive bystander CPR, their chances of survival increased dramatically. The power to save a life is truly in everyone's hands."

The recognition, presentation of Heart Safe certificate and remarks by Kadlec and Richland Fire and Services' staff, Providence and the city manager will take place Monday, October 16, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. between the Emergency Department and the Corrado Building.

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