First reports of a fire sparking up near homes on the south side of the Hills West area of Richland began to flood in to local authorities around 1pm Monday.

Benton County Sheriff's were the first on scene at what became the Brentwood Fire, when it was just a simple vehicle fire. However, because of high temperatures, low humidity and gusting winds, the fire soon spread from beyond the vehicle fire.

It was just before 1:30 pm when the first evacuation orders were given to residents on the 1200 block of Glenwood Ct., and Sheriff's Deputies closed Englewood Dr. in the immediate area.

Just minutes later, law enforcement was advising of structures being immediately threatened on Rockwood Ct. and requested more assets from local firefighting agencies.

By just before 2 pm, fire crews had begun to box-in the swift moving fire, keeping the flames from homes. All forward progress was stopped by around 2:15 that afternoon.

Overall, the fire covered just 7 acres, but the close proximity to homes made it an exceptionally dire situation.

However, because of the quick response from local authorities and clear communication, not homes were damaged and no lives were lost.

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