RICHLAND, Wash.- A unexpected change in the winds on Tuesday had some chemicals floating over Richland residents.

The Richland Police Bomb squad was training officers at their training range in northwest Richland. As part of that training, officers were learning to dispose expired and unused crowd control chemical irritants. This is done in a standard process, which is normally completed without any issues.

However, an unexpected change in the wind spread the fumes outside of the normal range. As soon they realized this, they quit the training exercise


The Richland Police received reports on Wednesday of citizens who experienced minor respiratory issues. This may have been caused by residual vapors in the air. While the effects are irritating, they are transitory in nature and and symptoms can be relieved with exposure to fresh air.

The Richland Police Department apologized for any inconvenience this may have caused. They do not believe there are any health threats to the public at this time.

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