(Tacoma, WA)  --  Police are warning about rainbow-colored fentanyl making its way to the Pacific Northwest.  The Pierce County Sheriff's Office says the dyed synthetic opioid has been seized at the U.S. southern border and in Oregon.  Authorities say they have found fentanyl in pill form and pressed blocks, both resembling candy and sidewalk chalk.  Authorities are asking parents with young children to be on the lookout for this opioid, especially in public places and playgrounds, and encouraging them to talk to their teenage children about its deadly consequences.

As a Parent, What Do You Do?

In a Facebook post, the Pierce County Sheriff's Office says if your kids play in public spaces, such as the local park, please be on the lookout for suspicious substances. They add that if you are a parent of a teenager, please talk to them about the dangers of fentanyl, and other drugs.

attachment-Fentanyl chalk

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