• Fake Cash is starting to show up in Oregon

  • A few stores in Pendleton have reported getting counterfeit Cash

  • Don't be a victim; learn how to ID the fake Cash 

The Pendleton Police Department is warning people about counterfeit money used at several local shops.

According to Pendleton Police investigators, a $100 bill denomination of fake money has been making its way around town after being used for purchases at local shops in Pendleton. 

Police  in Pendleton are Asking Folks to Take a Close Look at their Cash

The Pendleton Police Department asks people to examine money to see if it's counterfeit carefully.

Tips of Detecting Counterfeit Cash

To help authenticate the cash, the Pendleton Police have issued a few tips to help you tell if the money you may be using is counterfeit. 

  • The Feel of the Cash

U.S. Currency has a distinctive feel. The bills are printed on cotton and linen, not paper which will give it a different feel.

  • Texture of the Printing

  Feel over Franklin's shoulder. The new $100 bills use raised printing, and you should feel the texture. 

  • Compare and Contrast

When in doubt, compare the bill in question to another bill.

If you Encounter Counterfeit Cash in Pendleton or Northeastern Oregon

If you encounter a situation involving counterfeit currency, please follow your store's protocols and contact law enforcement by calling our 24-hour dispatch center at 541-966-3651

Call the Pendleton Police Department if you Have Any Information.

If you have any information regarding this fraudulent currency, please contact our office at 541-276-4411

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