PASCO, Wash.-- The Pasco Police Department is getting ready welcome two new fur missiles to the force.

Officer Jason Madsen and Officer Kevin Frantz recently headed to California to start the process.

  • K9 Elan

  • K9 Brit

Madsen selected K9 Elan, a 14-month-old German Shepard from the Czech Republic as his new 4-legged partner, while Frantz chose K9 Brit, a 2-year-old all-black German Shepard from the Czech Republic.

"They're at place that trains K9s, and they got to pick out the K9s that they're going to be partners with," said Sgt. Rigo Pruneda with the Pasco Police Department. "The officers will train there with the dogs for about six weeks, and then come home to do some more training for certification with Washington State."

The past several months have been tough on Pasco Police officers, with the sudden loss of two of the agency's K9s.

K9 Lemon passed away in December, just weeks after retiring due to medical issues, and K9 Hapo passed away in his sleep from natural causes earlier this month. Officer Madson was K9 Lemon's handler.

The loss was felt by the entire agency, and the officers are looking forward to have two new "fur missiles" on the force.

"They're part of the family," Pruneda said. "Not just with the handler, but with the whole department. We are so happy when they are around, like most people would be if they were able to bring their pets to work, we are the same way. You can see them in offices, you can see them in briefings, roaming the halls. They have quite a good home here at the Pasco Police Department."

Pruneda said the new dogs are expected to start patrols some time this summer.

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