PASCO, Wash.-- A Reserve Officer from the Soap Lake Police Department faces several charges after he was arrested in Franklin County Friday morning.

Deputies with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of a vehicle in a ditch on Highway 395 north of Pasco where they found a marked Soap Lake Police Department vehicle with a K9 and a male driver.

After contacting the driver, the deputy determined that the man, identified as Shane Jones, 49, appeared to be under the influence.

The deputy went to take Jones into custody, and Jones resisted, resulting in an altercation.

As one point, the deputy reported that he saw Jones pushing a remote, and believed the man was trying to release the dog from the vehicle to help him.

Jones was booked into the Franklin County Jail where he faces charges for assault, possession of a stolen vehicle, driving under the influence, and failure to use an ignition interlock system.

He faces additional charges for a hit and run in connection with a Washington State Patrol investigation.

The Soap Lake Police Department issued a statement on social media, saying they are cooperating with the investigation.

“I am deeply troubled by this now-former reserve officer’s behavior,” said Soap Lake Police Chief Ryan Cox. “This individual violated department policy and the law, and betrayed the public’s trust and our agency standards. Absolutely no one is above the law, especially police officers. The Soap Lake Police Department is treating – and will continue to treat – this serious incident both professionally and transparently.”

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